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By Craig Shaw Gardner

ISBN-10: 0441147798

ISBN-13: 9780441147793

Whilst a wizard is not able to treatment his illness of magicks, he sends his apprentice Wuntnor to hunt relief within the far-off land of the jap Kingdoms that are ripe with fiendish peril.

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That’s all very nice,’ I replied, trying to think of some way to escape this overamorous beast, ‘But I have errands -‘ ‘Oh, yes, the meeting at the willow tree with the wizard. ’ The magnificent beast sighed. ‘I’ve come this far, I can wait a little longer. I’ll join you at the willow tree with the others. ’ I hastily agreed, and ran down the street toward the Vushta Art Theater. Time was growing short, and I had to fetch two more of our company. I sped about the corner and caught my first glimpse of the towering edifice that housed the theater.

I felt as though my life were over. But I had to get back to my master! While Norei was gone, I still had a purpose - to save Ebenezum, Vushta, and the Western Kingdoms from whatever machinations the Netherhells had devised this time. I would go boldly into battle, heedless of life or limb, with no one to mourn for me after I was gone. I marched from the stage, heading resolutely for the street. ’ the dragon yelled behind me. Alea’s voice followed me as I made my way back through the storeroom to the stage door: ‘Wuntvor’s not that handsome, he’s a hero all the same!

The two then repeated the last line, singing together, followed by a spate of very loud tap dancing. I climbed a flight of stairs and crossed an area filled with large painted canvases depicting various scenes from both Vushta and the I countryside. Some of them even seemed to suggest a forbidden delight or two. The singing sounded much closer when they began again. Taking an extra moment to study a couple of the finer canvases, I neglected to watch where I was going and thus tripped over something that looked like rock but was nowhere near as heavy.

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