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By Tracy Madison

ISBN-10: 1428508511

ISBN-13: 9781428508514

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You’d think I’d have given more thought to the actual proposal, but most of my concentration had gone into convincing Elizabeth. Kyle didn’t go for grand romantic gestures, so anything too mushy would likely undo any of the good Liz’s magic managed to accomplish. Okay then, so reciting a poem or serenading him would fall flat. I’d just say it straight out. Simple and direct. Easy enough. But how long to wait after he’d eaten the cake? Would the magic take effect immediately? Or should I give it an hour or two?

Elizabeth snatched the toy back. “It would bother me,” she admitted. “I would care very much if the people closest to me had something I should have but didn’t. I would feel left out. Alone. And maybe I’d stop believing in the things I used to. ” The walls closed in. I pushed out a shallow breath, trying to alleviate the suffocating pressure. It didn’t work. What she said had hit a nerve. I had a choice here: tell them this part of the truth, like they thought they wanted, and open the wound that had only begun to close, or continue the charade.

I stifled a yawn. ” She walked to the other side of the room and took a seat on the wide windowsill. ” She showed me her empty hands. “I don’t have it with me. Come here. ” Hesitantly, I crossed the room and sat next to her on the sill. ” Turning her head, she looked out the window. “It’s still dark out, but do you see that building across the street? ” I played along and glanced out the window. “Yeah. It’s sort of big, and there are streetlights, and I’m not blind. Kind of hard to miss a building, Alice.

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A Breath of Magic by Tracy Madison

by Mark

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