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By Shawn Kupfer

ISBN-10: 1426891105

ISBN-13: 9781426891106

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In addition to himself and Christopher, the new additions to the unit were twenty-two-year-old armed robber and killer Peter King (47 Echo 1154), and thirty-four-year-old double-murderer Michael Riley (47 Echo 1155). Michael was affable, talkative, and generally likeable. Peter had said barely a word since he舗d been assigned to the unit. 舠All right, Echo. We舗ve got one more joining us in the morning舒1153, I think you舗ve met him already. Once he gets his head stitched up, the gentleman you met in line will be reassigned from 31 Alpha to 47 Echo.

Night vision, Nick realized. He had a much easier time aiming and burned through three clips in the next minute. He knew he舗d taken out at least a dozen enemy soldiers, but he didn舗t seem to be making a dent舒wave after wave of them just kept coming, and the waves were getting closer to the small emplacement of soldiers taking cover behind the massive Razor. Nick grabbed the dead soldier舗s M4 from the ground and tossed his in its place. He fired until the clip ran out, then turned to the Army soldier on his right.

Nick nodded and headed for the back right corner of the tent, where there was only one other person waiting. The man was slightly taller than Nick, just under six feet, and thin. He had jet-black, close-cropped hair and green eyes. As soon as Nick got close, the man raised a hand in greeting. 舠Hiya, sport. 舡 the man asked, reaching for Nick舗s tags. Nick shrugged, and the man read the numbers. 舠Four-seven Echo. Right on. Looks like we舗re in the same unit, pal. 舡 The man stuck out his hand, and Nick shook it.

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